Shark Tank's Daymond John Talks Big Baller Brand's Chance Of Success

At this point, LaVar Ball has dived so head first into the pool, having a shark on his side might not be such a bad idea. Don’t expect Daymond John, one of the stars of ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank” to be the one to back him, though.
Appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, John spoke candidly about the prospects of the Big Baller Brand’s success.
While he didn’t exactly give him a glowing endorsement, John stopped short of calling Ball an absolute fool.
“It all depends on how he does it.”

LaVar Ball is currently taking orders on the first sneaker the Big Baller Brand will produce. The sneaker will sell for $495 and will be shipping later this year. Ball has gone on record as saying he will not be offering any refunds for any reason.
LaVar Ball’s attempted launch of the Big Baller Brand has stirred some controversy after he approached all the major shoe manufactures with his plan and was rebuffed.
When John was told that he was also coming out with a sandal, he grimaced and said “too much”. He is of the opinion that LaVar needs to stick to what he knows, which doesn’t exactly mean shoes. The current BBB inaugural shoe is set to debut at $430 more than the original Jordan shoe. By the looks of it, what LaVar knows is price gouging.

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