VIDEO: Golfer Accidentally Kills Duck In Mid-Air With Drive

Tragedy struck the links recently. Playing a (usually) harmless round of golf, one golfer picked up a casualty while teeing off.
As he sets up his shot and drives the ball, a duck suddenly flies into the path of the ball and is killed instantly. Don’t watch if you are easily affected by this kind of stuff, it’s fairly graphic.
Here it is:
It’s a little upsetting to hear that dude laughing about it immediately after. This is the kind of thing that you’d expect to laugh about in a few years, reminiscing in a room with a few friends who have never told the story.
Laughing in its immediacy says something is very wrong with this fellows inner-workings.
Even Randy Johnson showed remorse when the incident happened to him. He certainly wasn’t laughing about it. Somehow, Johnson’s incident was more graphic, and less graphic at the same time.
After all, the bird totally exploded, leaving nothing to be squeamish about.
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