VIDEO: Soccer Referee Gets Red Card After Puking On The Pitch

Who says professional sports can’t be fun? On Saturday, one referee took delight in poking fun at another who had just refunded his lunch on the sideline.
BBC Sport Scotland was the first to post the unusual occurrence.

Mom’s spaghetti.
The game wasn’t significantly delayed as a result of McWilliam’s sudden feelings of illness. To his credit, he managed to laugh at receiving a red card, and finished the rest of the game without a hitch.
As they are setting up for a corner kick, you can see McWilliam turn away very suddenly. The player standing next to him knew that something wasn’t right immediately. Instead of continuing with the play, he turns and begins to put his arm around McWilliam.
This suggests there was some kind of audible indication that he was about to start puking.
Running up and down a soccer pitch isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re feeling queazy. It’s just as hard to do on an entirely empty stomach and the taste of vomit in your mouth.
Kudos to this referee, a lesser man would gone home early and found another job.
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