VIDEO: Sign Language Interpreter Turns Up During Snoop Dogg Concert

They should have put her on the stage. Less of an interpreter and more of a non-verbal hype man, Holly Maniatty stole the show.

While performing the ASL translation at a recent Snoop Dogg concert, Maniatty wasn’t content to stand stoically and sign. The Good Life Radio Show shared a clip from the concert, and Maniatty signs flawlessly, all while looking like she’s energized by the music.

If she were to perform that way, even without the contextual information that tells us that she is performing sign language, it would still be impressive. Such rhythm and attitude.

Of the 11 million views, many of the comments attribute the word “lit” to Manniaty’s performance.

Most of the comments left on the video have been incredibly encouraging. You’ll be hard pressed to find one that isn’t positive and appreciative for the work Maniatty is doing.

If I were Holly Maniatty, I’d save this video for my reel. She’ll book more ASL gigs that she knows what to do with after people watch it.

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