Vladimir Putin Discusses James Comey Firing In Full Hockey Uniform

The political landscape is a strange place right now. There are an endless number of things to talk about, issues that can be hotly debated and questionable decision to comb over.
One thing cannot be denied though, you’ll never see U.S. President Donald Trump answer questions regarding governmental policy while suited up to play full contact hockey.
You might see him wearing golf shoes and a polo, though. Apparently he really likes to play golf.
Vladimir Putin, however my friends, is no Donald Trump.

It’s strange to watch a world leader answer questions while he is dressed in such ridiculous attire. Ridiculous given the circumstances, of course, it wasn’t ridiculous until he was speaking to a report with CBS. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to approach him, right?
Either way, the Russian President was surprisingly accommodating and excused himself casually when he was ready to end the interview. Speaking through a translator, Putin said there would be no effect on relations between the United States and Moscow as a result of FBI director Brian Comey’s recent firing.
Oh, and he’s actually pretty good out there on the ice.

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