Derek Carr Wiffle Ball Video Earns Him Invite To Throw BP For The A's

Derek Carr is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.
He has all the velocity and accuracy that you could ask for in the pocket. But one thing that he doesn’t get to show off as an NFL quarterback, is the movement he can get on the ball.
Carr took to Twitter to show off what he can do when he is throwing something other than a pigskin.

He made sure to tweet the video in the direction of several Major League ball clubs. The video, which is accompanied with the hashtag “TheMovementIsReal”, features what can only be described as a wiffle cut-fastball. Of the four that he addressed directly, only his home team Oakland Athletics got back to him about it.

We’ll see if/when we can expect Derek Carr on the diamond for the Athletics during batting practice. One would imagine this is something he will have to clear with Oakland brass. They own his right arm for one more season under the terms of his rookie contract.

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