VIDEO: Amanda Blumenherst's Son Adorably Struggles To Sink Putt

Chances are, unless you’re a professional golfer, this is the bulk of what your golfing experience is like. On Saturday, professional golfer Amanda Blumenherst took her two year old son out to the links for a little afternoon fun. He struggles to sink the ball from a foot out, then sprawls out on the floor in frustration.

I have to say, Blumenherst didn’t set her kid up for success here. He isn’t even using a putter to try and sink the ball. That probably wouldn’t have made a difference though, I know it never has for me. (And I’ve only tried at the stations they have set up in the golf section of sporting supply stores).
If this kid gets serious about golf, sky is the limit. He clearly has the passion… and the shorts.

Blumenherst has been a regular fixture on the LPGA tour since 2008. She first rose to prominence as a three-time National Player of the Year at Duke, and won the U.S. Women’s Amateur title in 2008. Looks like she’s already passing the game on to the next generation.

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