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VIDEO: England Rugby Player Daniel Norton Makes Incredible Run Against Scotland


Here is one for the highlight reel.

Speed, elusiveness, showmanship, and old-fashioned fun were on full display in Daniel Norton’s epic run against Scotland. During Sundays Seven’s Cup, Norton reeled off the kind of run that would make an NFL talent scout drool.

The move he puts on the last defensman is absolutely embarrassing. It’s the kind of thing you’d normally see Devin Hester do to a kicker trying to make a last-ditch effort at a stop.

After this kind of run, many are calling for Norton to be extended an NFL contract. While his change of direction skills are incredible, lets not get ahead of ourselves. He appears to have all the ability necessary, but that might be an arrogant assumption that he would even be interested in such an offer.

For one thing, he’s going to take a hit in the NFL. It appears he’s untouchable playing rugby across the pond. Why risk injury when you can run laps around the competition elsewhere? Second, the NFL might be the end-all, be-all in the States, but not so much in other countries.

All the same, if Norton is willing, no doubt he’d be able to latch on to an NFL team somewhere. One of the best runs you’ll see all year. Look at his face: pure joy.

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