College Football Recruit 'Unique Brissett' Exposed As A Fraud, Deletes Social Media

Unique Brissett was ready to set the college football world on fire. The Junior College transfer student was in high demand, and had cut his list of Power Five schools to a few remaining options. The Globe Institute of Technology product scheduled a visit with Michigan State and was apparently left the campus impressed. He posted pictures of his visit on his social media accounts, and thats when things started to come undone.
The reason? The photo’s that Brissett posted bared a striking resemblance to the ones posted by Cody Carone several months earlier. Michigan State reporter Luke Srodulski was the first to point out the similarity:
After it appeared that people were catching on to the con, Brissett promptly deleted his Twitter account and his Instagram account. As it turns out, his entire recruitment was an entire hoax.
Both Miami and Kentucky, schools who were in Brissett’s supposed top five, have had “absolutely zero contact” with the alleged three-star wide receiver.
Even his highlight reel is fake.
The player featured in the video is someone else entirely, already committed to a Power Five school, according to The Comeback.

This is one of the more unique recruitment stories in quite some time; pardon the pun. Brissett appears to have been a total rouse; a con perpetrated by someone with too much time on their hands. It goes to show how much you can perpetrate through social media and clever use of the internet.
With coaches essentially subject to a gag order when it comes to recruiting players who aren’t yet committed, players often exaggerate the interest they are garnering.
Unique Brissett, or whoever was behind the creation of Unique Brissett, thanks for the ride. A little harmless fun where nobody was really hurt. Certainly strange, but I’m sad to see it end; though I would have liked to see it play out all the way to National Signing Day.
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