NFL Changes Celebration Rules, But Twerking Is Still Banned

It appears that the NFL cares about fun again. After years of attempting to turn their charismatic players into robotic drones, the league has decided to soften its stance on one of the more entertaining non-football aspects of the game.
After meeting with “more than 80 current and former players,” the NFL has decided it will relax its policy on touchdown celebrations.
In an officially released memo by commissioner Roger Goodell, the league announced the decision publicly. They will now allow the following celebrations which would have been penalized previously:

  • Using the football as a prop after a TD
  • Celebrating on the ground
  • Group demonstrations

For the record, celebrations that are intended to taunt the other team, carry on for an excessive period of time, or cause a delay of game will still be penalized. The NFL likely made the policy change after players became increasingly vocal about the league stifling their fun on the field.
They also still aren’t cool with players pulling sharpies out of their socks and autographing the ball for a fan.
And don’t you even think about twerking, because that’s just too sexy for the NFL field.
From the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette:

Goodell’s memo included that “offensive demonstrations, celebrations that are prolonged and delay the game, and those directed at an opponent, will still be penalized,” and Brown’s twerking probably will fall under that category by virtue of being “sexually suggestive.”

At least we are getting closer, Roger.
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