VIDEO: Nick Saban's Guitar Playing Doppelganger Is An Internet Sensation

Is there anything that Alabama football coach Nick Saban can’t do? He wins National Championships like most of us make toast, and he shreds on guitar.
Apparently the straight-laced, no-nonsense Crimson Tide coach knows how to let his hair down when it’s appropriate.
Not really. The man in the video, though barring a striking resemblance to Saban, is someone else entirely. In fact, it’s Grammy award winner Wayne Johnson, who is known around the world for his abilities to manipulate the strings on a fretboard.
But in certain pockets of the internet, he’s simply known as a rock and roll Nick Saban with long hair.

There’s no word on what Saban thinks of the video, which first surfaced a few years ago, because he usually doesn’t talk about things that are fun. But when the clip made its way back to social media this week, Twitter went wild and now we finally get to hear from the Saban doppleganger.
Speaking with, the award winning guitarist apparently Johnson seems to find it rather amusing.

“It’s a fluke thing but such a bizarre little story,” Johnson says. “I was proud of it when I saw that. I thought this is so cool. Nick Saban, in the college football world, is like a god.”

The video is from a three-day set that Johnson did in the mid-90’s with his band. The set was eventually turned into a concert video. That’s when the comparison was first made, and the rest is history.
You’ve got to admit, it isn’t difficult to imagine it really is Saban playing the guitar in this video. The crimson colored vest is icing on the cake.
Grammy award winner Wayne Johnson

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