Ice Cube Challenges LaVar Ball To Hit Big 3 League Four-Point Shot

In a stroke of marketing genius, Ice Cube appeals to Big Baller Brand evil genius LaVar Ball in a recent video posted on his personal Twitter. In anticipation of his “Big 3” basketball league, Ice Cube highlights one of the leagues more interesting quirks in style: hitting the four-point shot.

Not only does he direct the tweet at LaVar Ball, he address him directly.

After draining the shot from deep, he looks into the camera and tells LaVar he’ll purchase ten pairs of the shoes if he is able to make the shot himself.

With the shoes valued at $495 each pair, that brings the total of the bet to a whopping $4,950 on the line.

Callin out @Lavarbigballer for @thebig3 #4pointchallenge! Make the 30ft shot and I'll cop 10 pairs of #bigballerbrand.

— Ice Cube (@icecube) May 24, 2017

Don’t expect LaVar to accept the challenge, though. Missing the shot would devastate his brand, which is based mostly on braggadocio and mystique.

I anticipate him saying something to the effect that implies that he doesn’t need to make the shot because he is a Big Baller.

Remember, Charles Barkley challenged him to a game of one on one months ago. He declined. I don’t think there is much doubt who would have won that matchup.

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