Stephen A. Smith Pens Moving Tribute After His Mother Passes Away

Few things can be as difficult as losing a parent. After holding our hands through some of our first discoveries and developments, the eventual goodbye is a heartbreaking one.
On Thursday, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith posted a touching tribute to his mother who passed away earlier that day.
The tribute was posted to the “First Take” Twitter page.

Here it is, transcribed for easier reading:

“My mom would always joke with me about how I never got my mouth from her. What she never knew, what she couldn’t possibly know, is that I never cared too much about not measuring up to her because I always knew perfection lied with her. She is the best mom I have ever known. The best woman I’ve ever known. The best person I’ve ever known. The best friend I ever had. Her will, her core decency, her words of encouragement, her unwavering belief and undying devotion to me, to our family not only weather unimaginable storms that uplifted us in the worst of times.
I also reminded my family that, indeed, God is forever looking out for us. Her presence alone was enough to explain the blessings He bestowed upon our family, just by choosing her to be our mom! In my lifetime I have never encountered anyone more worthy of love, kindness and God’s heavenly grace than mommy. In my mind, I never will. She loved God. She loved us too. He took care of her. So she took care of us. If we were hungry, it was because she was starving. When she suffered, it was because we were spared!
No words can explain how wonderful she was, what she means to me, to us all. And there is no way to measure the pain of losing her now. Perhaps the only solace at this moment comes from knowing where she is: home. At peace! Finally! No ending can be more beautiful than that, especially for someone so worthy of God’s grace as her. Forgive me, however, for wishing it didn’t hurt so badly. So desperately wishing she was still here!”

Stephen A. Smith is a notable ESPN personality that often draws a diverse range of opinions from viewers. However, none can argue that this is a somber day and that he deserves all the condolences in the world.
Opinionated and confident, Janet Smith raised a son that she can be proud of.
It is unclear how long he will remain away from the network while he is grieving. His mother had been battling cancer for some time, and Stephen A. credits her as a huge influence over his life.
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