Toyota Hopes To Debut Flying Car By In The 2020 Olympics

In a story that first appeared on Fortune, Toyota has backed a startup that is working on building the first flying car.
Keep in mind it is still in the early stages. Think of how many times the first airplane crashed. Or the first rocket ships exploded. Or the first cakes were a soupy mess coming out old Norse ovens. Things take time.
But at this stage this doesn’t look like a car, can’t fly, and isn’t bearing any weight. I’m sure it’s a very intelligent group of individuals coming together to build this thing, but they’re probably going to need to work double-time to get it off the ground.
The goal is to have it ready by the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

I’ll admit, it looks like a bunch of college kids building something for their science class, fearfully nervous that they’re not going to get a passing grade. The name of the project is Sky Drive, which I’ll admit is a damn good name.
With the backing of Toyota to the tune of $386,000 to this point, the limits to the startup known as Cartivator Resource Management are boundless.
After all, they have matching shirts. If that doesn’t imbue confidence, nothing will.
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