Will Lonzo Ball Eventually Launch A Rap Career? He's Actually Pretty Good











UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball is one of the top prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft.
But while he is constantly working to improve his game on the court, the oldest of three Ball sons also has another passion. Lonzo loves to rap.
In fact, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Ball stated he’d be a rapper if it wasn’t for his promising basketball career. Not only does he have interest in rapping, he claims to have a number of tracks ready and says he spends his free time scribbling down some bars.
“[I have enough songs] for a tape. I got a close friend who raps. The only remix we did was the one we put out, to be honest. All of the rest of them are original. I write when I get bored, when I have nothing to do,” Ball said.
In the past, we have seen plenty of NBA players pursue rap careers that were a laughing stock — sorry, Shaw.
So you have to wonder, can Lonzo actually rap?
Surprisingly, he can and it’s not terrible. Here’s Lonzo casually dropping bars to an instrumental in a car with friends and his youngest brother LaMelo.


One question about this video: Where does LaMelo keep pulling those sneakers from?
Anyways, here’s another produced track where Lonzo raps over Drake’s “Free Smoke.”


Not too shabby, Lonzo.
If that NBA career doesn’t work out, it looks like he has a solid fall back plan.

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