VIDEO: Matt Mitrione Leg Kicks Reporter Ahead Of Bellator NYC

According to Matt Mitrione, he’s asleep on the floor six minutes before he has to fight someone.

Based on how he’s acting ahead of his fight against Fedor Emelianenko, you’d have to believe him.

In a recent interview with Duane Finley, Mitrione appears to be in a calm, peaceful disposition ahead of the fight. He jokes, leg kicks the interviewer, and makes a few more jokes.

Mitrione appears too calm if you ask me. There is still an intensity behind the cool, light-hearted front he’s putting up during the interview. Maybe that’s the way he deals with his nerves, or maybe he really is that cold-blooded.

Mitrione has earned the nickname “meathead” throughout his career, and his profile on the UFC website describes him as “fast, quick, kinda crazy”. This is a dangerous man, and he should put on a good show with Emelianenko on June 24th in NYC.

There has been an attempt made to claim this fight is a microcosm of the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Russia. If so, God help us.

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