WWE Issues Statement On LaMelo Ball's N-Bomb On Raw











In case you missed it, LaVar Ball and two of his sons, Lonzo and LaMelo, appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night.
Among some of the expected nonsense, LaMelo got a little too comfortable while holding a microphone in his hand.
While has father postured and bounced off the ropes, LaMelo confidently and playfully cheered while sitting on a chair in the ring. “Beat that n—a ass! Beat that n—a ass!” he shouted with excitement.
Everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoy the absurdity that is the WWE.

Everyone except the WWE, who suddenly had a PR nightmare on their hands. They were quick to issue a statement saying that LaMelo’s use of the word was not scripted, and does not reflect the WWE’s values.
Nobody seemed too upset about it, but WWE needed to cover their bases.
This made LaVar more likable in a lot of ways. Turns out, his yelling, over-bearing, and exhaustive confidence translates well into the WWE. It’s entertaining when it’s in the right context, however rarely that is the case.
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