This May Be The Best 'RKO Out Of Nowhere' Ever

The “RKO out of nowhere” is one of the most recognizable moves in all of wrestling. In context, it is powerful, awesome and ignites the crowd in raucous uproar and excitement.
Taken out of context, it can do all those things, too.
But it also has a tendency to draw unexpected laughter. That’s what happened during this lacrosse match.
Whether you call it an “RKO,” a “Stone Cold Stunner” or any of the other iterations of the move, take note. It’s starting to make its way into field game celebrations.
After scoring a slick goal, this lacrosse player races over to the sideline and lays a smack down on some unsuspecting dude walking by.
Good work by the guy walking by who had the wherewithal to get down and count to three once the guy was pinned. Heads up refereeing.
This is assuming that the guy who got taken out was in on the fact that this might happen. You have to assume he was, because if he wasn’t, this would be a very different story. It would likely be enough to bring the lacrosse player in front of a jury on charges of assault.
The fact that it’s on camera and spreading like wildfire across social media would definitely be a problem for the defense.
For now, let’s assume he was in on it, and have some fun. That’s the way to celebrate!
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