Media Members Might Need To Switch Up Questions After Texas Tech Bingo

Media Days are hard on everyone. The coaches don’t really want to be there. The players don’t really be there. Members of the media need something to write about, but you have to image they’d rather be elsewhere too.
And if Texas Tech’s idea of making a bingo card with the question media members will be asking catch on, more of them might decide to stay home.
There are only so many things you can ask a football player or a coach without it getting to personal. Questions, for the most part, have to revolve around the team and the individuals contributions, and the unit as a whole.
That’s puts reporters in a tough box when trying to craft exciting, original copy.
But with all that considered, this was an ingenious idea by members of the Texas Tech football team.

The Red Raiders posted the image of the Big 12 Media Day bingo card to their twitter account. The result? A bingo players dream come true. Red Raider safety Jah’Shawn Johnson was able to check off 20 of his 24 boxes, and make bingo five different ways on the card.
Of course, this could go both ways. The media could make a bingo card of all the “player speak” type answers they get from the questions they ask. It’s a dance of expected question, expected answer, always hoping something breaks the normalcy of the exchange. Nothing did, and Texas Tech got bingo.
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