Last Chance U's Buddy Stephens Wants Cameras Back For Season 3

If you haven’t watched any of the Netflix original series “Last Chance U,” do yourself a favor and start binge-watching as soon as possible. The level of transparency achieved on the series is unlike any other sports documentary ever made, capturing the ups and downs of one of the nations top JUCO programs every step of the way.
Volatile head coach Buddy Stephens has become something of a lighting rod with viewers and his staff, though.
The foul-mouthed, quick-tempered coach appeared increasingly frustrated at the presence of the cameras throughout the second season of the show, often times telling the crew directly to “get those cameras out of here.”
But with all of that frustration, he still wants them back for another season in Scooba, Mississippi, according to For the Win.

That might be a hard-sell for the Netflix crew and series director Greg Whiteley. There appears to be some consideration, at least in principle, to follow another program elsewhere in the country.
Turnover of some of the more beloved characters/personnel of East Mississippi Community College might be the eventual undoing of the show following coach Stephens’ team.
Academic counselor Brittany Wagner expressed her frustrations with the perceived lack of respect she received for her role in helping to build the program before leaving EMCC to start her own academic counseling company. Meanwhile, offensive coordinator and former “head coach-in-waiting” Marcus Wood decided to step down from his position at the end of the season after a sideline altercation with coach Stephens during the teams bowl game.
No concrete decision has been made for season three of the series yet. It appears to be a forgone conclusion that there will be one, though.

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Photo Credit: YouTube

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