CTE Found In Brain Of 48 Of 53 College Football Players

Football faces as uncertain future as ever before. With concerns over player safety seemingly growing by the day, the presence of CTE is nothing short of an inconvenient truth for all levels of football.
A recent post-mortem study of the brain of 53 college football players was recently conducted by researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine and the VA Boston Healthcare System.
Of the 53 brains of men who played football through college, 48 of them were found to suffer from the degenerative brain disease known as CTE.
The brains of 202 men were studied in total. 110 of 111 that played in the NFL were found to have suffered from the disease. Three of 14 that belonged to players who stopped competing after high school were found to have the disease.
The study erases beyond a shadow of a doubt the health threats that the NFL tried to push to the side for years. But researchers say there is still a lot to study and learn.
Dr. Ann McKee, a neuroscientist from Boston University says questions regarding the number of years played, the genetic risk, and the dietary and lifestyle choices of the players are variables that have an unknown role.
To date, CTE can only be diagnosed after death.
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