Lyft & Taco Bell Partner To Create The 'Taco Mode' Feature

There are an endless number of reason a person might use a Lfyt car to get from one point to another. Many times, it’s the end of the night, and you need a ride home. But wouldn’t you know it, you’re super hungry; no way you’re going to start cooking a meal after midnight.
Is it cool to as the driver to swing through a drive thru? Now it is.
USA Today is reporting that Taco Bell and Lyft have partnered on a new feature called “Taco Mode.”
The feature will allow users of Lyft to push a button and have a taco themed car pick them up, take them to Taco Bell, and then usher them to their next destination. Here is the info from the official press release:

For the first time, fans can officially add a Taco Bell stop to their Lyft ride with just the click of a button. The two brands are joining forces to satisfy cravings with “Taco Mode.”
Taco Mode is an in-app option for Lyft passengers, providing them the ultimate Taco Bell experience including swag, custom in-car menu, a tricked-out taco-themed car and a free Doritos Locos Taco when you “ride-thru” Taco Bell on the way to your next destination….
The Taco Mode test will begin in Orange County July 27 – 29 and August 3 – 5, 2017. Passengers who order a Lyft between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. PT in the designated area will have the ability to choose Taco Mode in their Lyft mode options. Taco Bell and Lyft plan to expand Taco Mode into additional markets by the end of the year, with an expected nationwide rollout in 2018.

One hang up that isn’t being anticipated enough is the blowback of a “taco-themed car.” You might want to go to Taco Bell before you show up at someone’s party, but that doesn’t mean you want everyone to know about it. Nothing screams I just slammed a gordita crunch and a baja blast like showing up in a car specifically designed to take you to Taco Bell.
Is this a great idea? It could be. Will people use it? Absolutely, at least once for novelties sake. Will they ask to be dropped off a block away from their destination? Probably.
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