VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Is Not A Fan Of Jay Cutler Signing

The Miami Dolphins have already started to brace themselves against having Ryan Tannehill out for the rest of the season.
With surgery appearing inevitable, the team made the move to sign retired quarterback Jay Cutler to a one year, $10 million contract.
The move has drawn the ire of a number of analysts and pundits around the league.
You can throw the outspoken Stephen A. Smith in that lot. On Monday, he didn’t hesitate to lambaste the Miami Dolphins decision to extend a contract to Jay Cutler after he was set to join the broadcast booth for the 2017 season.
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Cutler will have plenty of time to get ready for the start of the season with the Miami Dolphins. Given the fact that he is already familiar with the offense that Adam Gase likes to run, rumors of him joining the team started to circulate immediately.
While it is easy to make the argument that Cutler isn’t much of an improvement over current Dolphins backup Matt Moore, the decision makes sense for a few reasons.
Stephen A. concedes all of these reasons at the beginning of his rant, providing plenty of evidence as to why it was a logical, although not necessarily sound decision for the beleaguered Miami franchise. He then goes on to dismiss all of the reasons he made without so much as giving a single shred of concrete evidence as support: classic Stephen A. Smith.
Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned, but his arrival in Miami was always doubtful. With the team needing a quarterback to step in a play sooner rather than later, there was something of a time crunch to get the new pivot up-to-speed on terminology and schemes with the team. Kaepernick is definitely being blackballed by the league at this point, that’s difficult to refute.
But it appears likely this wasn’t an instance of that, but rather a team trying to find a plug-and-play starter.
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