VIDEO: Americans Have No Idea Where North Korea Really Is

Where is North Korea? That’s a question everyone should know the answer to at this point, especially with a batsh** insane leader who continues to pose a nuclear threat to the United States.
The recent developments that North Korea has nuclear capability and the response by a batsh** insane leader of our own has led to a lot of Americans agreeing we should take military action against the growing threat before they can strike first.
There’s one problem, though.
Many Americans have no idea where the actual threat is located.
On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we were quickly reminded of that when the crew hit Hollywood Boulevard and we received an embarrassing display of Americans attempting geography.
People seemed to think North Korea was in the Middle East, with others misidentifying Canada. No wonder people hate us.

Let’s just hope Donald Trump has a better grasp of geography than these buffoons who were trampling around his Hollywood star earlier in the day.
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