Georgetown Soccer Offers Participation Trophies To Fans For 'Millennial Day'

The Georgetown Bulldogs are looking to have a good time, have some fun, and get some people to their soccer game. This should check all three of those boxes.
As part of their “Millennial Day” promotion, they’ll be giving away participation trophies at the gate to the those who show up on time. The athletic department at Georgetown, apparently run by the same group of people this promotion is intended to mock, released what it believes to be a comically scathing indictment/promotion of their event.
It’s steeped in so condescending irony, you start to wonder if this is part of the joke, or if the joke is coming around and is actually on them.

The press release:

At #MillennialDay, you can expect only the most #awesome giveaways (because millennials expect everything to be free) and the most hella cool activities. So that everyone feels welcome at Shaw Field, a #dabbing safe space will be roped off, as well as a halftime naptime break if you ~can’t even~ stay awake for the whole game.
If you’re #thirsty, enter the raffle for a DC area juice gift card. As long as you’re like, basically on time for the game, you will be greeted with not only words of praise but also a PARTICIPATION TROPHY because all #millennials are #special. And for all your social media needs, our mascot, Jack the Bulldog, will be available to take some #Kardashianworthy pregame selfies that you can take and post for either during the game or for a hype #tbt.

So good. Who ever wrote it must be the most clever in their class.
Give credit to Georgetown for trying to think outside of the box with their promotional events, but this one is a swing and a miss. If you’re intention is to get people to come out to an event, choosing a theme that inherently mocks who you think they are isn’t a great place to start.
…The dog they’re offering pictures with is cute though.

I will say, their “Dad Bod” night was very funny. Not every idea is a home run. So if you’re at the Georgetown campus and feel like being the butt of a joke for a few hours, be sure to check out the Georgetown vs. UCLA soccer game.
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