VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Addresses Charlottesville In Opening Monologue

Jimmy Fallon usually has an upbeat personality and the ability to turn everything into a great time.

However, there are some moments that require a sobering message, which is exactly what happened on Monday night.

After the heinous acts of violence by Nazis and White Supremacists over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, Fallon used his opening monologue as a platform to undoubtedly denounce hate, bigotry and racism.

Fallon also called out Donald Trump for his failure to immediately denounce the white supremacist groups that committed domestic terrorism on American soil Friday night and Saturday.

That is how a platform should be used.

There is no place for the KKK, Nazis or hate groups of any kind in this world and anyone who has a position of power or a platform that allows them to reach a large population should make it clear that there will be zero tolerance for that kind of behavior in 2017.

Let’s be better, folks.

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