Former DNI Chief James Clapper Questions Trump's Fitness To Be President

Donald Trump’s speech in Arizona on Tuesday night has whipped the country into a frenzy. The rally speech, originally intended to put the country at ease, had quite the opposite effect.
The President went on to air his personal grievances with the media, his rambling often times sounding like a YouTube comments section read aloud.
Many who have served in government are understandably concerned. The deeper a hole Trump digs himself, the more he tries to get out, the deeper he digs himself. Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper spoke out against the President on Wednesday, questioning whether he was fit to hold the office.
With so much power at his hands, and little to stop the President if he decided to put some of his more unhinged leanings to use, Clapper is noticeably concerned.

With tension in the country at an all time high, the President is doing little to bring unity to colliding parties. Frankly, he appears to be stoking the fires more every day.
A reminder that we aren’t even a year into his presidency. Whatever the future holds, brace yourself, it probably isn’t pretty.

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