Bowling Green's Brandon Harris Headbutts Teammate With His Helmet On

Excitement is running high on the opening week of the season. Understandably so. But next time Brandon Harris is going to celebrate a fumble with a teammate, someone might want to remind him to take his helmet off.
While he didn’t lean into it too much, you can see him snap his teammates head back after making contact with the crown of his helmet.

That’s his Falcons teammate Ty Redding that he headbutted there. Redding probably didn’t expect to get rocked by someone wearing the same jersey he was.
Bowling Green is doing better than expected against the Michigan State Spartans. They still trail at halftime, 14-3, but the Spartans were heavy favorites and were expected to run away with it early on.
It’s unlikely they’ll mount a comeback in the second half, but if nothing else, Harris had a highlight in the first half that he won’t soon forget. My guess is that Redding won’t be forgetting it anytime soon either.
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