VIDEO: UNC Defender Ejected For Brutal Helmet-To-Helmet Hit

Last season we saw an unprecedented number of ejections and suspensions stemming from illegal hits. In the first week of the season, this one is as bad as any we saw all of last year.
In the first half of the game between UNC and Cal, Tar Heels defender Jalen Dalton was ejected for helmet-to-helmet contact.
Golden Bears quarterback Ross Bowers had already released the ball and taken a follow through steps before being on the receiving end of the hit.

There are some instances in which momentum makes a hit like this inevitable. This isn’t one of them. Dalton had enough time to change direction and lessen the severity of the hit.
Ross didn’t appear to suffer adversely from the hit, though. He managed to toss an touchdown strike to end the drive.
The game is going to come down to the wire. Cal leads by only four points with less than five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

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