Nearly 60 Percent Of Basketball Transfers Leave Division I

The college basketball offseason is never short on news. Once a team cuts the nets down at the end of March, sometimes even before that, players have already started to change schools.
Transfers in college basketball have become more commonplace than anyone could have imagine prior to the 2012 season.
That is the year that most agree was the beginning of the “transfer epidemic.”
One of the more interesting findings in an article by Eli Better on, was that nearly 60 percent of all transfers students leave their Division-I schools to go to smaller ones. The notion has long been held that players typically transfer to bigger schools to play on a bigger stage.
It’s true that those players get far more attentions. Usually, the powerhouse programs use smaller schools to pick up any talent that they might have missed during the initial stage of recruiting. There is plenty of publicity to accompany those transfers. But as the report indicates, there are a number of players transferring to smaller schools in hopes of getting more playing time, and playing more meaningful minutes.
Rule changes are expected to come in regards player transfers. How it will effect these numbers remains to be seen. The data doesn’t support the notion that bigger schools are using smaller ones as a kind of “minor league” system, which has long been held as a factual atrocity.
Quite the contrary, it appears that smaller schools peck away at the depth that he larger schools keep on the bench.
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