LSU Running Back Derrius Guice Pops A Wheelie & Falls Off An ATV

If he plays his cards right, LSU running back Derrius Guice could be a first round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. And by playing his cards right, of course, we mean not falling off the back for four-wheelers.
In a video he posted on Instagram, the The Tigers star gets an ATV onto its back two wheels before falling off the end of it. He pops up, laughing and having a good time, but the video is enough to make any LSU fans heart sink to their toes.
It’s easy to forget that these guys are only in college and want to have the same kind of fun that the rest of the college population has. There is some reckless fun that they exchange for getting to play in front of a national audience every week, but the compulsion remains. He probably shouldn’t be on the back of that ATV considering how much he to lose if something goes horribly wrong. He’s fortunate to have escaped totally unscathed.
All things considered, his falling of the back of that ATV is Looney Tunes compared to the kinds of hits he takes in practice and game day every week. He wasn’t going very fast, and is clearly keeping himself out of trouble.
Not the worst news LSU coaches and fans could have gotten this Tuesday, but enough to make your blood run cold for a second.
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