Tim Tebow Visits With Harmonica Playing WWII Veteran At Special Needs Hurricane Shelter

Where does Tim Tebow find the time or energy? It seems like the times he isn’t hitting inspirationally timed home runs for a New York Mets minor league team, he’s doing something else that makes the rest of us feel like selfish jerks. Well here’s another tally on the list.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma which devastated several Caribbean islands before making landfall in Florida, Tebow recently visited a Special Needs Shelter for those displace by the storm.

That’s where he met this WWII veteran, apparently known as the “harmonica man” to the others at the shelter. He played a rendition of “when the Saints Go Marching In” on the harmonica for Tebow, the camera, and the rest of the folks gathered around.

Everyone loved it, especially Tebow.

Totally uplifted by this #ww2 veteran, who's spirit and talents encouraged his fellow visitors at this Special Needs Shelter! #irma pic.twitter.com/2q1nH7EHz0

— Tim Tebow (@TimTebow) September 11, 2017

Well the dog didn’t seem to care for it much, but it might have been put off more by the clapping than anything else.

In a sports environment which builds up athletes only to tear them down, Tebow is a curious outlier. First as a a college super-boy quarterback at Florida, then as a laughingstock in the NFL, and then as a publicity stunt by the New York Mets, Tebow has managed to stay impervious to scandal.

His athletics on the field continue to be the source of deserved criticism, but nothing has managed to stick to Tebow in terms of personality shortcomings or public lapses in judgement.

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