Chris Collinsworth Says Donald Trump Should Apologize For NFL Comments

Week 3 of the NFL season featured numerous protests around the league, following controversial and divisive comments from Donald Trump. On Sunday night, NBC’s Chris Collinsworth shared his thoughts on the entire ordeal.
The drama all started when Trump attacked NFL players for protesting, saying any player that kneels for the anthem is a “son of a b***h” who should be fired.
Obviously, there was immediate blow back and players rallied together.
When asked about the mass protests and Trump’s comments, Collinsworth said the president needs to issue an apologize.
“They’re not SOBs, they’re smart thoughtful guys, they really are,” he said.

“They’ve seen things that are unimaginable in some cases. They want exactly what the President wants. They want a better America. Their version of how to get there is different from the President. I understand that.
“But I guarantee you if the president invited — I can make a list of 10 guys — to the White House and heard their stories and heard their thoughts and heard how concerned they are about America, they would find the common ground and they would move this forward.”
Before the Sunday Night Football game featuring the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins, a number of Redskins players took a knee while Raiders players remained seated.
Washington went on to win, 27-10.

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