James Franklin Wants You To Know He's Not Keegan-Michael Key

Penn State football coach James Franklin wants the world to know he and comedian Keegan-Michael Key are not the same person.
During a segment Saturday morning on ESPN College GameDay, Key gave his hilarious Franklin impersonation responding to New York radio host Mike Francesa’s criticism from “Timeout-Gate” a week earlier.
Apparently, after the segment aired, people began texting Franklin and were upset with the commentary.
Of course, they completely missed the joke.
So after the team’s last-second win over Iowa, Franklin took some time on the mic to clear up any confusion.
“That was not me. It’s somewhat ridiculous that I have to say that,” Franklin said. “We do look a lot alike. That was a comedian who’s a Penn State grad who’s an awesome guy. But just so we’re clear, that was not me.”

Good, we’re glad that is settled.
And shoutout to Key for having such a good impersonation that it is capable of fooling those close to Franklin.
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