LeBron James Says Those Who Voted For Trump Messed Up, But That's OK

No athlete has come out stronger in his condemnation of President Donald Trump than LeBron James.
While NFL owners and players have issued timely, if tame, statements in response to comments made by Donald Trump at his rally speech in Alabama, James has come out swinging.
Perhaps the most influential athlete in the world right now, LeBron James is using his platform to try and keep people united while “that guy” tries to divide them.
Speaking with reporters at Cavs media day, James avoided calling Trump the President. In fact, he avoided saying his name altogether, referring to him only as “that guy.”
LeBron certainly isn’t a fan of President Trump, and feels that those who voted for him “messed up.”
That’s okay, though, says James. People can learn from their mistakes, which is what he hopes the American people will do after Trump’s reign comes to an end.

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Less than a year into office, the Trump administration has been replete with scandals, sound bites, name calling and apparent solidarity with emboldened racists and Nazis.
It’s been a wild ride… and we’re nearly a quarter of the way through!

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LeBron James Expands On Donald Trump Comments
LeBron James Expands On Donald Trump Comments