'When Is The Right Time For Black People To Protest?'

You might have heard that President Donald Trump made some comments about players deserving to be fired for protesting racial injustice in the United States. The country is well divided on what and where it is appropriate to protest racial injustice, with many viewing the protest as anti-American and an insult to the military.
I won’t get into why that’s obviously not why players are protesting, because chances are that if you’re of that opinion, you have inverse logic arguments locked-and-loaded and are looking for a cyber-fight.
Trevor Noah and his team of writer said it well enough already anyway.
On “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” he asked a question with no rational answer. When is the right time to protest if not on the national platform that the players are given?


The National Anthem protests aren’t likely to stop anytime soon. Incredibly, the protests are receiving more exposure than they were when last season when Colin Kaepernick took the first knee. He’s paying the price for starting the dialogue that has exploded onto the national scene and remains unemployed.
The comments made by President Donald Trump might have intended to turn professional athletes exercising their Constitutional rights into enemies of the state, but it appears to have had the opposite effect.
Any political protest worth having is met with overwhelming resistance. The very nature of a protest is an attempt to change a status quo that allows for inequality.
Until there is tangible change, expect the protests to remain a talking point through the rest of the NFL and NBA seasons.
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