Sean Payton Speaks Out On Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting

The expression “stay in your lane” has grown in popularity for the worst reasons lately, and you can expect that there will be no shortage of people uttering the phrase to Sean Payton.
The nationwide conversation concerning gun control in the United States has waged for years. And following the horrific shootings in Las Vegas, it is being discussed in the open more than ever.
On Tuesday, the New Orleans Saints coach addressed the obvious lack of gun control in the United States during a teleconference.
His statement lacked any ground-breaking or inflammatory comments. Unfortunately, they’re still likely to outrage a number of people who will blindly defend an outdated and broken amendment.
“If that pisses people off.” Peyton said “that’s tough.”

Even with growing support to reform the way guns are sold and distributed in the United States, change won’t come swiftly. The only way to change something is to be talking about it constantly. Right now, concern over gun control is everywhere. But the conversation will only grow more difficult once the days turn to weeks and people slowly start to devote their attention elsewhere.
Payton spoke his mind despite the heat it might bring him as a public figure. If more were willing to do the same, we might be able to avoid another tragedy like the one in Las Vegas.

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