Jim Harbaugh's Son Makes Fun Of His Father's Trademark Khakis

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh loves his khakis.
After all, he wears them every chance he gets — and that includes wearing them when showing off his skills off the high dive.
But while a lot of people enjoy Harbaugh and his signature pants, there is one person who really isn’t a fan. That would be his son, James, who recently discussed his father’s wardrobe during an appearance on WEEI‘s “Two Outs” podcast.
James Harbaugh, who is a student at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan, really hates his dad pants.

“They’re hideous! Oh God! Here’s what happens in the morning when I wake up: just like anybody, I wake up, stare at the ceiling for a minute, and then I look at my phone,” James said. “I do the thing where you go through text messages and Snapchats –– whatever you want. And then I save Facebook for last, because I know every single day, when I scroll just a couple scrolls down, I’m going to see something stupid and ridiculous about my dad doing something crazy. I’m also scared to see what it’s going to be. …
“I wish you guys could see. You see him on the field and doing interviews. But he comes home, and it’s full-on. He’s still wearing them, sometimes. And then if he ever varies from it, it will be equally as bad. He’ll have on a full-on sweatsuit, and then his Crocs with socks. There’s no better alternative. You almost want him to go back to the khakis.”

Harbaugh’s son also opened up about coming out to his father, who was very supportive of James’ lifestyle.

“I just it blurted out –– and told him for the first time verbatim –– ‘Dad, I’m gay. Do you know that? And because of that, this is why X,Y, Z. I’m scared because of this, that and the other.’

“And he just said something else back, it was an encouraging and uplifting response about how you just need to keep your head up. ‘As long as you do what you feel is right in your mind, you live your truth. Everything will end up being OK.’”

So while James may not be a fan of his father’s wardrobe, it’s great to see Jim Harbaugh is supportive and that the two have a good enough relationship where they can take shots back and forth.

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