VIDEO: Michelle Beadle Tells White Men To 'Shut Up And Listen'

Comments Michelle Beadle made on SportsNation apparently didn’t sit well with a number of people around the country follow Cam Newton’s controversial comments last week.
The Carolina Panthers quarterback sparked controversy when he laughed at a female reporter asking him about receiver routes during a press conference. Outrage followed, then people defending his comments, then people crucifying those who defended his comments.
And in the ultimate 2017 twist, racist tweets from the female reporter from five years ago emerged.
Much to the surprise of a number of analysts across the landscape was the rush to support Cam Newton. With many echoing a “not that big a deal” sentiment, what could have gone away with an immediate apology (or better yet, never having said it to begin with) became something much bigger than it needed to be.
Shortly after the episode with Beadle’s comments aired, Twitter rushed to condemn her.

Beadle then defended her comments on social media.

Beadle certainly didn’t shy away from the comments she made on the show, nor should she. Cam Newton was wrong to laugh and chide a reporter trying to do her job, and those he brushed it off as “no big deal” failed to take into account how the reporter felt.
Beadle made a solid point. She probably could have made just as effectively without telling people to “shut up,” but chalk it up to emotion getting the better of her there. As a woman who had to climb the difficult sports reporting ladder, Newton’s reaction had a greater impact on her than most others will be able to understand.
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