VIDEO: Ole Miss’ A.J. Moore Ejected After Blatant Targeting Hit

Targeting calls draw controversy and criticism on a weekly basis. Here’s one that everyone can agree was worthy of an ejection under the targeting rules. In an SEC matchup between Auburn and Ole Miss, Rebels defensive back A.J. Moore was ejected for a violent hit during a punt return.

It’s perhaps the most blatant example of targeting since leading with the crown of the helmet was made illegal in college football. Contact made above the shoulders on a defenseless player is targeting.

This hit fits pretty neatly into that description.

That’s targeting.

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) October 7, 2017


The referees spent very little time reviewing the pay before deciding to eject Moore. The hit was such an obvious targeting call, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it land on some of the videos the distribute to universities for the coaches to review with their players.

Quite possibly the most obvious targeting call in the history of football on Rebels AJ Moore.

— jeff speegle (@speegs3340) October 7, 2017

The targeting call was put in place as part of an ongoing effort to help make football safer and lessen the long-term effects on the players.

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