Albright College Dismisses Two More Players For Protests

The controversy stirred by protests during the national anthem doesn’t appear to be slowing down. On Saturday, the Reading Eagle reported that Albright College dismissed two players from their football team for going against the team’s national anthem plans.
Their dismissal comes in light of Albright’s decision to dismiss backup quarterback Gyree Durante for refusing to stand for the anthem a week earlier.
Albright’s president Dr. Jr. Jacquelyn S. Fetrow said the decision to dismiss the students was because they went against the teams decision to kneel during the coin toss, and stand during the anthem.
According to Fetrow, their decision to dismiss the two players was “consistent with existing policies and practices, they are not fully aligned with our core values.” The two dismissed players did not kneel with the team prior to the anthem being played.

However, Fetrow said their dismissal might be the last of the college hands out as a result of anthem protests.

“In addition, going forward, if players are on the field or court when the anthem is played, all coaches will support their team players who choose to either stand or kneel during the anthem,” Fetrow said in the statement.

It remains to be seen whether the team will allow the players to return. Teammates described the players, who were not identified, as “good guys who worked their butts off in practice.”
It doesn’t appear that measure taken to slow protests against the excessive violence perpetrated on young black men in the United States are slowing down. Protests are intended to stir the status quo, and they appear to be doing just that.
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