VIDEO: NC State's Bradley Chubb Suffers Gruesome Dislocated Finger

If you have a weak stomach, look away. NC State star Bradley Chubb has a finger injury so gnarly, those easily disturbed will never be able to unseen it.
It wasn’t clear what the injury was initially, as all you could see was Chubb writing around on the ground. But after a second, you catch a glimpse of his hand, and oh boy, fingers aren’t supposed to bend that way.
Chubb’s hands were permanently making the Star Trek salute.
Check it out below.
WARNING: Graphic content
[protected-iframe id=”c1f212310edb98889fbbef670668ea05-112307288-110575293″ info=”” width=”640px” height=”340px” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
You can clearly hear him screaming while he’s on the ground, and trainers came rushing over to treat his hands. By the looks of it, one of the trainers was attempting to pop the fingers back into place.
Fortunately for Chubb, and anyone else who was looking at the injury, there was a glove covering the hand.
The crazy thing is that injuries like this usually don’t keep players out very long. Unless there is tissue or ligament damage in the finger, trainers will like stabilize it and send him back in there next week.
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