De'Aaron Fox Puts 'Overrated' In-N-Out Burger On Blast

Sacramento Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox is enjoying his time in the NBA.
We have seen his personality coming through as he takes the court for his first year as a pro, but it looks like there’s one thing about his new home that he isn’t too fond of.
In an interview with The Rolling Stone, Fox went in on popular fast food chain In-N-Out Burger, which has a cult following thanks to their not-so-secret “secret menu” and their beloved “Animal Style.”
Well, Fox, who grew up in Louisiana and played college basketball in Kentucky, tasted In-N-Out for the first time and let his opinion be known: it’s overrated.
From the interview:

I heard you’re really into breakfast food. Have you found your favorite brunch spot in Sacramento yet?
Yeah, but I can’t tell you because then people are going to meet me there. All I gotta say, you can tell everybody that lives in the state of California this: In-N-Out is not good.
What’s your beef with In-N-Out Burger?
Their burgers are overrated. They’re OK.
Even Animal Style?
Yes. People always say, you haven’t tried this. You haven’t tried that. I’m like, “Yeah, I looked up the secret menu. I’ve tried it all. It’s just not good.”

They really tried to get Fox to take back his In-N-Out slander, but instead the rookie hit the interviewer with “I said what I said.”

And you know what? Fox isn’t wrong. Sure, people on the West Coast love their In-N-Out, but let’s be real: Whataburger and Five Guys serve a far superior product. I’ve got your back, De’Aaron.

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Photo Credit: YouTube

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