Marshawn Lynch In 'No Script' Is Best Offering In Reality TV

Marshawn Lynch was running people over in Buffalo for years before gaining fame with a larger audience with the Seattle Seahawks. His aggressive running style, “Beast Mode” branding, and personality wrapped in an enigma made him one of the most interesting characters in sports.
Since returning to the NFL with the Oakland Raiders, he’s playing football just as well as he ever has.
In his first stint in the NFL, he was notoriously tight-lipped and refused to give the media any of the soundbites they were looking for. He’s taking a very different approach this time around. He is the star of the show No Script, a reality TV series that airs on Facebook and is produced by Bleacher Report.
After just a two episodes, it’s turned into the best offering in the vast world of reality television.
This week, Lynch had a number of different adventures over the course of the short segment that will have the viewing audience in stitches. Check it out below:

Perhaps the best part of the entire episode is watching his voice dubbed over Darth Vader’s. Without doing any research, I’m confident in saying this is the first time Darth Vader has ever said “fa sho’, man,” and called Obi-Wan Kenobi a hater.
His take on the infamous “Luke, I am your father” was priceless. I won’t spoil it, but it’s around the 12:10 mark.
When the audio technician asked him if he wanted to try another take, he said “hell yeah.”

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