Jim Boeheim On FBI Investigation: 'It Doesn't Happen With Nike'

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim wants to set the record straight: the recently unearthed problem with adidas and college basketball doesn’t extend to teams sponsored by Nike.
While some suspect a systemic issue, widespread and extending beyond programs only affiliated with the adidas brand, coach Jim Boeheim says that isn’t so. His reasoning is simple and straightforward.

“It doesn’t happen with Nike,” Boeheim said at Syracuse’s media day, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. “Nike has about 80 schools. The guys we’re recruiting, we’re recruiting against three or four Nike schools most of the time. (Nike) isn’t going to help one of those schools.”

Whether his theory holds water will be known in the coming months. The entire collegiate basketball landscape is going to be under intense scrutiny while the investigation is on going, and will certainly extend beyond the confines of adidas affiliated schools.
For proof, look no further than the fact that Nike was served with a subpoena only last month.

But Boeheim isn’t just critical of the notion that Nike is committing violations the same way adidas is. Further comments suggest that he is critical of the investigation as a whole.

“First of all, I think the FBI could do a lot better investigating criminals and terrorists than they can investigating college basketball,” Boeheim said. “In my opinion. I’m a tax-payer. There’s a few tax-payers here. I’d sure as hell rather have them looking into terrorism and not spending three years investigating AAU programs or shoe companies. That’s the least of our concern.”

By now, saying that the NCAA is broken is as ice-cold a take as someone can have. This investigation only furthers what many have known for years. But it remains the system in place, and schools that don’t adhere to it will continually be punished.
Boeheim might have a point when he says that the FBI can put themselves to better use investigating serious threats to the country, but in many ways, it sounds like deflecting.
Nike and Under Armour have no doubt come under investigation. Adidas continues to be investigated. This is only the beginning of what figures to be a drama that could span the period of several years.

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