Patriots Troll Falcons With 28:03 On Game Clock Ahead Of Super Bowl Rematch

The New England Patriots might not be off to their typical dominant start in 2017.
But there is one thing nobody can take away from them, because that 28-3 in last year’s Super Bowl is still worth talking about.
For fans in New England, they’ll be getting their fill early and often ahead of the rematch between the two teams on Sunday evening.
Several hours before the kickoff, the game clock in Gillette Stadium read “28:03,” a not-so-subtle reminder that the Patriots snatched the Lombardi trophy from the hands of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the 2016 NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

That won’t be the only jab the Patriots will take throughout the course of the game though.
Fans are expected to bring out signs and give the Falcons the business early and often. Hours before the kickoff, they’re are proving they won’t disappoint.

For as much as the Falcons say they’ve moved past their epic Super Bowl collapse, there isn’t a football fan in the country that believes them. Their sudden inability to stop the Patriots, score the football, and the questionable playcylling that made the comeback possible will haunt the Falcons until they’re finally able to hoist the trophy.
On Sunday Night Football this week, they’ll be haunted more than they have been in nearly a year. Even absolute domination of the Patriots from beginning to end wound fully heal the wounds that remain.
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