Cat That Ran Onto Field During Ravens-Dolphins Game Gets Adopted

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins so badly on Thursday Night Football that people were focused more on a runaway cat than the actual game.
Fortunately, this kitty has managed to avoid falling through the cracks, and has a new home.
The cat that made its national television debut on Thursday is being adopted by an employee at M&T Bank stadium.

According to the team website, the cat has been named Rae–short for “Ravens.”
The employee who is adopting the kitten is named Yogi, and he is a lifelong cat lover. He has been looking for a new cat a new cat for several months, as his 17-year-old tabby named Mrs. Prissypants passed away.

“I’m ecstatic to have a new addition to my family,” Yogi said. “We’ve been looking for quite a while now and just hadn’t found the right one. This one is so loving. She’s going to be a perfect fit.”

Nobody is really sure how the cat got into the stadium. It’s an open-air stadium which makes it susceptible to having animals sneak into the complex undetected, but in it’s 22-year history, it was yet to happen at M&T Bank.
As expected, there were no shortage of people who wanted to adopt the cat after seeing it on TV. Yogi had the inside track because he works at the stadium, but there are plenty of other cats in shelters that are in need of a good home.
If you think you could have given Rae a good home, chances are you can give another cat a good home too. Consider contacting your local animals shelter and bringing home a new member of your family.
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