VIDEO: Tony Romo Delivers Play-By-Play Call Of Cat Running On Field

Tony Romo has had a stellar transition from the football field to the booth.

Since his debut as a CBS broadcaster, Romo has become a fan favorite for his enthusiasm and his ability to accurately predict what plays are about to happen.

But during Thursday night’s game between the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, Romo proved there’s nothing he can’t do.

The game was briefly interrupted as a cat went darting across the field and Romo was there to deliver some incredible play-by-play commentary of it all. If you thought play-by-play of a cat running couldn’t be entertaining, you were dead wrong.

Romo hit us with the, “Perfect form, extension. I mean, doesn’t get phased if there are people around. OH! Look at the change in direction.”

And as you would expect, people on social media loved it.

Tony Romo offering color commentary on this cat has me dead 💀

— Mark Wemken (@FFMadScientist) October 27, 2017

God bless Tony Romo the announcer. His analysis of the cat should be shown during his induction into the Broadcasters HOF.

— Kev (@ktompkinsii) October 27, 2017

Tony Romo analyzing a cat running on the field > this game

— Lakisha Jackson (@LakishaJackson) October 27, 2017

Tony Romo just successfully commentated about a cat running around on the field. This man is a national treasure. #ThursdayNightFootball

— Andy Maxfield (@Maxfield41) October 27, 2017

Are we sure Tony Romo can’t just call every game?

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