VIDEO: Everyone Was Tripping Over This Step At Penn State-Ohio State Game

You would think with all the action on the field on Saturday night at the Horseshoe, fans would have been glued to the action.
Not to say that the thrilling comeback victory by Ohio State over Penn State wasn’t their main source of entertainment, but it was hardly their only source of entertainment. Particularly for the fans in section 9C.
While the the supreme athletes ran around the gridiron with unimaginable speed and dexterity, the average onlooker was having a hard time walking up a set of stairs in the stadium.

On the one hand, the stairs appear to be kind of wet and most of the fans probably had a few drinks in them by this point. But the one guy who tripped three times (white shirt) doesn’t look old enough to buy a beer yet, so there’s no excuse for him.
Many of them were looking back, trying to keep their eyes on the action on the field while climbing the top of the stairs.
How many times did someone have to trip before the person who posted this video started recording?
Fortunately nobody wiped out completely or got seriously injured. Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to climb the stairs in section 9C: Get your knees up!

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