Tennessee Fans Start #EmptyNeyland To Get Butch Jones Fired

The Tennessee football program was expected to be the first in the SEC to fire its head coach. The Florida Gators beat them to the punch by splitting ways with coach Jim McElwain on Sunday, and many Volunteers fans are unhappy about it.
Despite Jones coaching the team to three consecutive bowl wins, his 0-5 start in conference play has soured public perception of him, and now Vols Nation wants him out.
They’re willing to publicly embarrass the program if they have to make it happen. On Sunday, the #EmptyNeyland campaign was born onTwitter in an attempt to get Jones removed as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.
As the name implies, the Volunteers faithful are threatening to stop going to the games as long as Jones remains the head coach of the program. Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers will be a ghost town if the fans are able to get 100 percent participation from those who would be attending the game.

The Volunteers will certainly have a new coach by the start of the 2018 season. With this level of contemptuousness from the fans, the athletic department would be begging for controversy if they brought him back.
But it appears the fans want action right away.
The Volunteers will be hosting Southern Miss at Neyland Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 4. If Butch Jones is still on the sideline, it’s easy to imagine what the stadium will look like at kickoff that night.

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